Sustainable Technology for Natural Efficacy

IRB was born in 1999 as spin off of a laboratory of analysis that initially hosted it. Since 2003 IRB is esthablished in Altavilla Vicentina, where there is adequate space for research and production activities.

After 10 years of work focused on research, IRB has optimised an industrial method for the in vitro plant cell culture cultivation, called HTN™ (High Tech Nature), and is able to offer the widest range of innovative bioactive ingredients for dermo-cosmetic, nutritional, pharmaceutical and animal health applications.

Over the centuries, plants have been the main source of medicinal ingredients for humans, providing valuable biologically active substances.

IRB can guarantee plant actives of the highest purity, quality and efficacy ensuring at the same time the saving of natural resources.

Since July 2012, IRB is part of the Croda group. Croda, via the Sederma brand, will use knowledge, expertise and global positioning to bring IRB's world leading plant cell culture technology to all of our customers. Plant cell culture biotechnology is the leading, new technology for delivering proven activity as well as true sustainability.